Corporate Christmas Parties: How To Attend And Wake Up Guilt-Free The Next Day

Posted on: 23 December 2015

It is that time of year when corporations throw crazy, fun parties to celebrate another productive year and celebrate the holidays at the same time. However, you may be remembering years past when you attended the party and you were not finished with the work your boss asked you to complete, or you woke up the next day and barely remember some of the evening's events. This is holiday guilt, and you can avoid it and still have a great time.

Plan Ahead and Use Time Management Strategies

If unfinished business at work kept you from enjoying your company's holiday party, then this year you may want to employ time management strategies. Plan ahead, and figure out how many extra hours you need to complete your work on the days leading up to the party. This may mean working extra hours after everyone else goes home or taking some of your work home with you. If you put in some long days well in advance to the party, then your work should be complete (or nearly complete) in time for the party, which you can then enjoy stress- and worry-free.

If you are in charge of your corporate party and are stressed about planning it on top of your work duties, you should consider hosting the party at a venue. You can rent a hotel conference room and order catering, or if your work environment likes more casual parties, you could talk with a sports arena or a bowling alley to see if they can take care of the food, activities, and entertainment. Having someone else provide all of these factors will take a load off of your mind, since all you will need to do is book the date. Talk with a place, like Bowlerama, so that you can finish your work and go to the party guilt-free.

Before You Go to the Party, Drink Lots of Water and Eat Something

Often the thing that gets people into trouble at the holiday office party is that they imbibe too much alcohol on an empty stomach and end up inebriated sooner than everyone else. To prevent the embarrassing situations that may follow your unintended inebriation, drink lots of water and eat something. The water prevents the dehydration that leads to hangovers the next day, while the food absorbs the alcohol instead of allowing it to enter the bloodstream right away. Continue to eat or nibble while you sample spiked punch, holiday wine, and/or eggnog and you will be less likely to make less-than-acceptable choices. Make sure the party provides appetizers that have a good amount of protein since that can slow the absorption rate of alcohol.

Pre-Arrange a Ride Home with a Office Friend

To make sure you arrive home safe, pre-arrange a cab ride or a ride home with an office friend. (This same office friend could also keep track of your drinks and help you stop drinking if you want to keep control over how much you drink at the party.) Do NOT attempt to drive home or allow another co-worker who has been drinking to drive you home. Be sure that your office buddy is going to refrain from drinking. If he or she does not, a company car or a taxi is a better way to keep you safe and allows you to wake up guilt-free the next day because nobody was harmed or placed in harm's way from your night of revelry.